Silvering Introduces a Game-Changing Beauty Line for Women Embracing Their Greys

Celebrating the Beauty of Salt-to-Silver, Silvering is on a Mission to Disrupt "Old" Beauty Standards


May 25, 2023


Toronto, Canada-  Announcing the launch of Silvering, the first beauty brand to offer a full range of cosmetic and hair care solutions for women embracing their greys. Founded by Alexis Eizinas, a 30 year beauty veteran and a silver sister herself, Silvering sees, understands and celebrates the dynamic beauty of silvering women and is on a mission to change the way all women see silvering hair; to see it as aspirational and chic. “Women who have transitioned away from dyes overwhelmingly feel incredible - more confident and empowered - we want to extend and promote this feeling through beauty and give women a place where they can be sure all of the products on offer have been designed to make them look as great as they feel in their silvers.”

Silvering Founder Alexis Eizinas

Silvering's Founder, Alexis Eizinas

Silvering’s ground-breaking range of premium products, available exclusively online on their webstore are designed to enhance the evolving beauty of silvering hair. Each bespoke offering addresses a specific beauty need, targeting areas such as eyebrows, thinning hair, scalp health, hair tone, and shine. All Silvering products are considered Responsible Luxury, proudly made in Canada using clean and responsibly packaged ingredients, with a percentage of every sale dedicated to supporting women with cancer through the Look Good Feel Better foundation.

"We've done the work to understand silver hair, have researched and tested the effects of key ingredients and colors, and have made the effort to really understand our market's needs to develop this curated range of products," says Eizinas, “we need more than a prescription of purple shampoo.”



At the heart of Silvering's mission is a vision to change the way all women see silvering hair: to see it as aspirational and chic. Reflecting this ethos, their tagline, "Wisdom. Is. Beautiful.," celebrates the wisdom and beauty that comes with a woman's lived experiences. "Silvers represent the accumulation of wisdom through a life well-lived," says Alexis, further noting, "It's a unique beauty we should be enabled to show off." Adding to this is the issue of representation. Alexis points out, "The absence of suitable products in the beauty space implies that 'going grey' is less than beautiful, and my goodness, that needs to change. Growing up is beautiful. Nothing to hide here."  

Model imagery for the brand is purposely beauty-forward, reinforcing their mission and their positioning as a big “B” Beauty Brand where women are seen through a lens of beauty, not prescription.  Strictly available on-line now, their goal is to bring the brand to retail to take its place in the physical beauty space for all women to see.


Unique Challenges 

Alexis explains the challenges faced by women embracing their greys, stating, “a beauty industry that expects women to hide their greys has not been developing products that work for them,” resulting in a product landscape lacking in cosmetics that enhance greys and a proliferation of hair care products with ingredients that inadvertently build-up on, discolor and stain silvers. “Add to this an internet full of misinformation, and you can understand the frustration experienced by women looking to update their beauty care."


Silvering Cosmetics

The idea of grey enhancement has not been effectively considered by the beauty industry before.  Silvering’s first two COSMETIC products to launch, True Expression Eyebrow Duos and Border Line Optical Fillers are both specialized powders that work double-duty: providing perfectly tone-matched brow and hairline fillers that also give women a way to play-up the dynamic high- and low-lights of their changing hair. “Silvering hair is uniquely beautiful,” points out Eizinas, “it is dynamic, evolving from salt to streaks to full silver. We have earned every one of these silver strands, we want to enable women to show them off.”



True Expression (2x1g/0.03oz) is a wet/dry powder available in two shade skus Warm Duo or Cool Duo that are designed to work with all shades and all stages of silvering hair - full-sized pro brow brush and magnifying mirror included


Border Line (4.5g/0.16oz) is a finely milled pressed powder available in two shade skus White or Salt & Pepper that are designed to thicken the appearance of hairs around the hairline and amplify high or lowlights - full-sized blending brush included


Silvering Hair Care

Silvering’s tight curation of HAIR CARE offerings take an equally innovative and contemporary approach with products that both meet a unique beauty need and are specially formulated to work with the distinct characteristics of silvers.

Tonal Control Concentrated Toning Mix (30mL/1.0 fl.oz) is a clean, concentrated non-drying custom toning mix with added nutrients for shine and staying power. It gives women the ability to turn a dose of their favourite hair products into a non-drying, shine-boosting custom toner with just a few drops.  “A woman’s shampoo and conditioner are very personal and unique to her scent-preferences, hair texture and climate.” Alexis explains “Women shouldn’t have to compromise on the personal benefits they find in their existing hair products if they are looking just to brighten or ‘de-brass’ their silvers every few washes, there is no need to add another set of plastic bottles to the bathroom shelf.”

Root Rouser Scalp Massage Serum (56mL/1.89 fl.oz) targets scalp health and thinning hair. Filled with nutrients and stimulating active ingredients, Root Rouser is not only effective, but its colorless quick-absorbing formula will not discolor silver hair or stain pillowcases.  “Scalp health is especially important for women whose scalps have experienced years of stress and irritation from the peroxides and ammonias found in hair dyes. New growth is encouraged to be stronger and more manageable from a healthy root.”

Shine & Define Dry Finishing Oil (57mL/1.93 fl.oz) is a uniquely powerful finishing oil that is light-weight and crystal clear with a formulation that amplifies the unique natural silvery contrasts found in greying hair without adding build-up or color to silvers. “Shine & Define is perfect as a quick polish that brings out the unique natural luster of silver.”



Silvering's Hair Care Collection will be available from their webstore on June 1 for discounted pre-orders - shipping to customers in August

The Silvering Market 

The brand has certainly touched a nerve with this 30 million + strong and growing niche market.  With very limited online advertising, word-of-mouth and organic social media growth, Silvering’s soft launch in March has shown conversion rates much higher than the industry’s 5.2% average and is rising. But the real story is in the mounting count of 5-star reviews from real satisfied customers lauding the effectiveness of the products, and how they make them feel. Alexis is positively encouraged noting, “we couldn’t be more proud, it feels great to know we’re making a positive impact for Silvering women.”


With its innovative approach Silvering has set out to redefine the beauty narrative, emphasizing the wisdom and beauty that comes with a woman's lived experiences. By offering high-quality, clean, and responsibly packaged products uniquely for greys, Silvering not only simplifies the beauty care journey for silvering women but also sends a powerful message that “going grey" is nothing short of beautiful.


  • The collection is available exclusively online through the Silvering website
  • True Expression and Border Line are shipping now across the USA and Canada
  • On June 1st the hair care collection featuring Tonal Control, Root Rouser and Shine & Define will be offered at a pre-sale discount for subscribers and will ship to customers in August 
  • Silvering is in talks to bring the brand to retail with partnerships to be announced in the coming months
  • Further market demographic and growth details available in the Silvering Press Kit download .pdf on our Press Page


About Silvering

Silvering is the first beauty brand to offer a full range of premium cosmetic and hair care solutions for women embracing their greys.  They are on a mission to change the way all women see silvering hair; to see it as aspirational and chic.  With products that address eyebrow shades, scalp health, hair thickness, tone and shine, Silvering amplifies  - never hides – the beauty of silvering hair.

We’ve earned every one of these silver strands, it’s time to show them off.

Wisdom. Is. Beautiful.

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