With Wisdom comes Responsibility

Let’s do better.

There is a new expectation for corporate transparency when it comes to beauty brands.  This is a good thing. It enables us - as consumers - to better understand what we are spending our hard-earned money on; gives us some insight into what we are supporting through our purchases.

We are bombarded every day by bad news about the environment, health, corporate behavior and (if you’re like me) feel almost impotent in the face of it. We cannot sit back and wait for the government to hold businesses to account. As individual consumers we have the power to change things.  Simply put: we vote for the change we want to see with every purchase. The more we know, the better the choices we can make. Wisdom is power. 


When SILVERING was created, we believed that we could do better, too.  We believe that the privilege of owning a business comes with responsibilities.  We take these responsibilities seriously.  We aren't waiting for government guidance to tell us the right thing to do. We, too, are old enough to think critically about the world and do something about it. This wisdom is a power we get to wield as business owners.

The Right Thing to Do

From the outset, we established our company in Canada and pay corporate taxes in the country we do business in.  These taxes help to support things we hold dear like our educational and healthcare systems.

We decided that every innovative product would not only be effective, it would be made without toxic ingredients, without using or harming animals and would be delivered in beautiful, high-quality and responsible packaging.  We believe that luxurious, effective products can be responsibly made.  

All products are proudly made in Canada.  Full transparency: some ingredients and parts come from further afield by necessity and those have been carefully considered.

We also decided that a percentage of ALL profits would be donated.  We have partnered with the Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) organization, a national charity that supports women dealing with cancer.  Women over 40 working through cancer treatments are often surprised that when their hair grows back it is more silver than pre-treatment - some are seeing their natural hair color for the first time in a while.  Our mission naturally includes reassuring these women that natural silvering hair is NOT a beauty compromise, it can be chic and beautiful.

We’ve got you.

The LGFB organization feels like a great fit. Learn more about them here: The Look Good Feel Better organization.

And if you are wondering, yes, all of these decisions affect our profit margins. But guess what? We can sleep at night.  Doing the right thing feels pretty good, and that’s a valuable gain.

What You Get

We hope that you feel great about buying our products.  Of course you are going to look fabulous and gain control over how you look in your silvering crown, but we hope you know that when you buy SILVERING products, you are also supporting a business that is genuinely out to do better.

Wisdom. Is. Beautiful.

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