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ROOT ROUSER Activating Leave-in Scalp Massage Serum

ROOT ROUSER Activating Leave-in Scalp Massage Serum

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All of the active nutrients. None of the color or build-up.

Get healthier, stronger, softer, thicker silver hair and reduce hair shedding with our light-weight, quick-absorbing scalp massage serum. Our ingredients are curated not just for their proven activating, restoring and strengthening qualities, but to never build up or discolor your precious silvers

Root Rouser is our refined activating leave-in massage serum that nourishes the scalp and encourages thicker, healthier hair growth without adding color

Root Rouser can be used anytime on a clean scalp but has been perfected for overnight use.  Its lightweight, non-greasy, quick-absorbing formula will not stain pillowcases and the light calming scent of natural French Lavender promotes slow-wave sleep, promoting longer and better rest. 

Root Rouser’s unique combination of targeted colorless active ingredients works together with massage to activate cells, promote scalp health and encourage the growth of healthy, thick, soft and stronger hair.  

Thinning brows? 

Our nourishing serum doubles down to stimulate the follicles in the brow line to activate and encourage thicker, fuller brows.  A light, thin swipe of the serum over brows is all it takes to complete your routine. 

Bundle & Save: ROOT ROUSER is also available in the VOLUME BOOSTER, BIG EXPRESSION and STERLING SILVERS bundles.

With ROOT ROUSER you get:

  • A lightweight colorless leave-in serum that will not discolor your well-earned silvers, stain your pillowcase or weigh-down thin hair
  • Effective, clinically proven ingredients that work together as a massage treatment to restore scalp health, promote healthy regrowth and reduce hair shedding
  • The calming scent of natural French Lavender known to promote sleep
  • Responsible Luxury - high-quality effective products made from certified clean ingredients in premium responsible packaging 

Why do we need it?

FACT: Silver hairs are colorless - clear - exposing all of the product colors and build-up residue left by mainstream massage oils and serums. (see more about buildup)

FACT: 2/3 of all women experience some form or hair thinning

The issue of hair loss and shedding is complicated and often associated with aging hair.

Studies show that simply massaging the scalp increases blood flow to stimulate follicle growth.

Coupling massage with our stimulating scalp serum improves scalp health, delivering a high concentration of nourishing active ingredients where they are most needed to promote growth.

* Scalp massage oils on the market have color additives that can discolor silvers or are too greasy to leave in

* Scalp serums on the market use color additives, are formulated with naturally tinted ingredients, or leave a build-up/residue that is exposed on silver hair

++ We deserve beauty products that work for us. Work better. Made smarter. ++

Wisdom. Is. Beautiful

Active Ingredients

Capyxil Red Clover + Peptides: Stimulates and promotes stronger hair growth and reduces hair shedding

Rosemary + Dextran: Improves blood circulation throughout the scalp

Lavender: Stimulates hair growth, is anti-microbial and calming

Coconut Oil: Moisturizes hair and scalp

Sunflower Oil: Improves skin barrier

Castor Oil: Nourishes hair follicles

How to use

Root Rouser is a colorless leave-in scalp serum that restores and strengthens silvering hair without build-up.

Root Rouser's ephemeral lavender scent will neither interfere with other hair products used during the day nor be overpowering at night.

Root Rouser should be applied on a clean, towel-dried scalp for best results.

* Using the pipette, deposit a few drops of the serum directly on clean scalp areas where hair is thinning

* Use fingertips to gently massage serum into scalp for 2-5 minutes

* Continue your day or night routine as usual

Responsible Luxury

Clean Ingredients

* All of our ingredients have been carefully selected for their effectiveness while adhering to industry-available 'clean' and 'conscious beauty' lists 

* Our formulations and packaging are always vegan and cruelty-free

Responsible Bottles

* Packaged in 100% recyclable glass bottles with a glass pipette

* The minimal plastic needed for the collar comes from recycled resins

Recyclable Carton

* Carton is recyclable and made from a mix of recycled content and FSC sustainably sourced pulp

Always Give Back

* A percentage of ALL sales goes to the Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) organization supporting women with cancer

Learn more about our commitment to corporate responsibility

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Kim Zimmerman
Wonderfully clean feeling scalp oil

I have been reluctant to use scalp oils in the past as they were often too heavy, left a greasy feel to your scalp and hair that took forever to wash out. This product, the Root Rouser is the exact opposite of what you think a scalp and hair oil to be. The oil has a delicate lavender scent , the oil is truly light weight that is so easy to apply with the included dropper. I have to admit I also put some in my hands to apply in the hard to reach areas of my head, like the back under my crown. What I found was the my hands also reaped the benefit of this quality oil I can honestly say I have never experienced how well the Root Rouser penetrated my hands and scalpl. It’s almost magic at how the skin on both hands and scalp drank in the oil and I was able to apply more where needed. As for decrease in shedding and promoting new growth, its been too soon since I started using it but it does seem there is less hair then before in my brush, so I will continue to use not only for its clinically proven benefits listed above but because it feels so relaxing and wonderful spend time massaging my scalp!

Kristen H
Sleep, grow, lift! Love it!

A delightful routine for me in the evening. A little lavender and massage are actually helping me sleep better. My new hair feels softer and has a healthy shine (about 1" in 2 months). I've got little hairs growing at my temples, and I've noticed that in the morning that little bit of serum at the root gives my fine hair a bit of a lift the next day. Love love love this!

Nightly ritual

I now treat myself to a nightly ritual of applying this lovely product, and giving my scalp a good massage, as recommended. I love the scent, it's perfect, and feels deliciously cool. And I have been falling asleep easier, which is a huge bonus! Wonderful product, I'll be using it always.


A spa in a bottle. I've been using every evening. I apply it in my part area and it not only smells divine, but it also really works at helping my hair look thicker where I apply it. I love it!

Joanne Fortin
Adds body

This scalp serum actually adds body to my fine curls. I always have trouble with the hair at the top of my head being flat, even when I diffuse my curls. A few drops of this on my scalp helps a lot. I’m impressed.