SILVERING: The Importance of Language

Words Matter

Words are the primary means by which we communicate our thoughts, ideas, and feelings to others. They have the power to influence and persuade, as well as to educate and inform. Words shape our understanding of the world, and the way we think about ourselves and others.

That's why we use the term 'SILVERING' to describe the natural, beautiful evolution of our hair color.

We're Not Going Anywhere

The term 'going grey' is loaded with negativity. The word 'greying' is typically associated with the idea of fading, of a gradual loss of vibrancy, of becoming dull, or of losing shine or luster. Going, going... gone.

If you've made the transition, you know that this just isn't true.  Embracing your naturally evolving hair is such a positively powerful change. A change that can bring renewed self-confidence, a sense of freedom, beauty, and wisdom. The word 'grey' just doesn't do us justice.

Say What You Mean

That's why we are SILVERING.

Silvering is about transformation, evolution, and improving with age.

Silvering suggests a preciousness in this transformation... that something is gaining value with age. It more accurately reflects this feeling we have that our evolution is a state of becoming more refined and polished.

Silvering is something to be celebrated. 

Words matter!

Wisdom. Is. Beautiful.

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