The Silvering Brand Story

founder Alexis Eizinas in front of initial product line

Alexis Eizinas, Founder


If you are one of the growing group of modern women sporting your silver streaks, you know that there are challenges beyond the awkward grow-out stage. Looking for hair care and beauty products for greys? There are more questions than answers out there. 

We are the growing vanguard! 


I stopped dying my hair in 2008 and have learned to own these evolving greys and it was NOT always easy.  I've worked for 30 years in the beauty industry and appreciate how beauty can help us to look and feel our best. Going grey and wanting to look chic and put together at work, I couldn't find the products that met my new beauty needs; products that worked with and on my silvering hair; products with great ingredients -- not wrapped in ever-more plastic. I've fumbled through 15 years of research and experimentation and a lot of beauty compromises.


Because an industry that believes in hiding silver hair was not interested in creating products for those of us rejecting this outdated standard.  As an unfortunate side effect, there is a lack of cosmetics that connect to our hair and the market is full of products that inadvertently build-up on and discolor our hard-earned silvers. What's more, a lack of beauty products implies that going grey is less than beautiful. 

And my goodness, that needs to change.  Growing up is beautiful. It's the accumulation of wisdom, the strengthening of confidence, the act of becoming. Nothing to hide here.

Women and girls need to know that covering their silvers is not their only beauty option.  If they choose to let their natural hair grow, they can still can look beautiful, sophisticated and chic - obvious health benefits aside!

And for those of us who have done the work to ditch the dye, we deserve to be seen in the beauty space and have our unique needs met with quality and innovative products just like everyone else.

Different Needs

Silvering hair is unique. Its strands are healthy.  Without hyper-pigmented dyes, hair appears naturally de-saturated.  Fun fact: white hair is actually clear - everything once hidden by color is exposed.  Female aging naturally comes with issues of hair loss, shedding and thinning. Our silver hair comes with a slew of beauty challenges that haven't -- until now -- been met in the beauty space. 

We need effective, high-quality hair and scalp products that are specifically formulated not to build up, stain or yellow our hair. We need brow and hair cosmetics that match and enhance our naturally desaturated hair. We need lasting toning products made just for silvers that won't dry out our greys. 

SILVERING was created to meet these needs and more.

A New Beauty Brand

SILVERING is dedicated to providing high-quality, beautiful, effective and responsible products that address the unique beauty needs of silvering women. 

We continue to develop products that work with the distinct physical characteristics of natural silvering hair, helping women of all ages look and feel confident, beautiful and chic in their evolving silver manes. 

SILVERING aims to change the way current AND future generations of women and girls perceive their naturally changing hair and to show them that covering up silver is not their only beauty option. We want to show the world that a woman's choice to ‘go grey’ doesn’t mean that she is leaving beauty behind.

If you are embracing your silvering hair, please know that you are SEEN and that SILVERING was made just for you. No more compromises.

Going Grey? You don’t have to go anywhere.

Wisdom. Is. Beautiful.

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